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All the arrangements and original music are thoroughly road-tested and enjoyed by flute players of all ages and abilities.

Pipeblower Publishing is proud to present a broad collection of quality flute music, designed with flexibility and enjoyment in mind.

"It is clear Pipeblower arrangements are fashioned by a flute player. The flutes are always featured at their idiomatic best. They are a great addition to my teaching as my ensembles (of all abilities) enjoy playing and performing them." (Derek, Flute Teacher and Ensemble Conductor)

  • Beautiful and entertaining pieces, from flute solo to large flute choir
  • Music for all standards, including mixed-ability ensembles
  • Shared musical interest amongst players, whether duets or bigger groups
  • Optional piccolo, alto, bass, Bb clarinet and/or easy parts provided for flute ensemble/choir
  • Well-known classics, modern repertoire, novelty pieces and inspiring original music
  • Expert arrangements tailored specifically to suit the flute and produce effective performances 
  •  Great range of teaching music, suitable for beginners to experienced adult players


Dinosaurs, featuring ten musical descriptions for our younger players, Warm-ups for Flute Players by Zoë Booth for those wishing to develop their practice sessions with fun and worthwhile excercises and Bohemian Rhapsody for four (or many more) flutes...for everyone!

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