Allegro Burlesco by Kuhlau, arranged by Zoë Booth for four or more flutes/flute choir


Kuhlau (1786-1832) was one of the primary Danish composers of the late Classical/early Romantic musical period. Although he wrote music that spanned many musical genres he is best remembered today for his piano solos and duets and also for his flute writing; the simple and beautiful melodies are a good example of his musical style.

Allegro Burlesco was originally composed for piano but adapts naturally to the flute choir; the composer’s fondness and talent for writing catchy tunes, which makes his flute writing so appealing, is evident throughout. An episodic piece, the tempo remains the same all the way through although the mood and texture evolve; the jolly theme gives way to a hymn-like central section, eventually being replaced by energy and drama before a return to the original theme and coda.

3-4 mins approx

Elementary to intermediate



One score and the following separate parts:

Piccolo (optional)

Flute 1

Flute 2

Flute 3

Flute 4

Alto Flute (optional)

Bass Flute (optional)

Bb Clarinet (optional)


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