Dinosaurs for flute by Zoë Booth with optional flute accompaniment


This fearsome set of musical dinosaur descriptions can be enjoyed by a flute alone but are even more fun when accompanied by another flute! Use our “Rex Rating” to guide you from choice to choice by difficulty (from beginner to approximately grade 4), covering a wide variety of musical styles as you portray the ten dinosaur characters. For concert performance two or more pieces can be combined.

The solo flute part comes with a flute accompaniment part, which can be played by a teacher, friend or relative.


One illustrated book containing the following flute duets:

1. Stegosaurus Stomp

2. Diplodocus Chew

3. King Tyrannosaurus

4. Soaring Pteranodon

5. Battle of the Triceratops

6. The Magnitude of the Megalosaurus

7. Voracious Velociraptors

8. Plesiosaur Plunge

9. Brontosaurus Boogie

10. Extinction of the Terrible Lizards

The flute one parts (beginer to grade four level) can be performed alone.  The second flute parts are optional and vary in difficulty across the collection, suitable for a teacher/more advanced player.


Review by Chris Hankin, player, teacher and educator, February 2015:

"This is such a fun book for younger players! Aimed at the beginner to the slightly more experienced, the short melodies are packed with scary goodies. For example, Stegosaurus Stomp features low note tonguing, Brontosaurus Boogie is in 5/4 and Voracious Velociraptors has tricky syncopation and a wider range of notes. The number of dinosaur prints (Rex Rating) indicates the level of difficulty. The young (and also perhaps the not-so-young) will probably enjoy colouring in the wonderful illustrations too. Well done Zoë Booth - a triumph!"

Review by Christopher Britton, Pan, March 2015 (the magazine of the British Flute Society):  

"This very well-produced book of ten flute pieces is based on nine different types of prehistoric animal, with the last depicting their extinction.  With the huge surge of popular interest in our planet’s prehistory in recent times, exemplified by the movie Jurassic Park, many young players are going to be captivated by this highly imaginative and engaging book. It is educational in the best sense - imparting musical knowledge and skills (not to mention palaeontology!) while being fun. There are informative descriptions of each creature along with humorous cartoons - the stegosaurus in welly-boots is a hoot! The tunes can be played unaccompanied, which makes for easier practising, but a very playable accompaniment is also provided. There is also a flute duet version of these pieces. Designed for players from Grade 1-4 (each is given a difficulty rating) these are full of musical detail such as dynamics and accents which are cleverly associated with facets of the animals concerned.  In the one about Tyrannosaurus Rex players are asked to sound like a trumpet and use strong tonguing to suggest its regal nature (with a suitable cartoon of the animal wearing a crown on a throne). Even 5/4 time gets a look in - suggesting the lumbering gait of the brontosaurus. If only there had been such books around when I was a kid!"