Fifty 50 - Original Pieces for two flutes by Zoë Booth


This set of eleven original flute duets provides evenly-matched musical interest for both players to enjoy. All the works can be played by two flutes, however those suitable for two piccolos/two alto flutes have also been clearly indicated. The works explore a range of influences, including baroque, Native American traditional, contemporary classical, a brisk March and jazz (swing and Latin), each piece reflecting Zoë Booth’s uniquely expressive and intricate style to please both performers and audiences alike.



One book containing the following duets:

1. Diddle Dum Pom Pom (also suitable as a piccolo duet)

2. Baa Bah

3. Tu Ra Lu (also suitable as an alto flute duet)

4. O La Le (also suitable as a piccolo duet)

5. Blup Blup (also suitable as an alto flute duet)

6. Urble Burble

7. Diggly Wiggly Woo (also suitable as an alto flute duet)

8. Toot (also suitable as a piccolo duet)

9. A-i-yo

10. Erndertwa

11. Dooby Doo Dat (also suitable as an alto flute duet)


Review by Christopher Britton, Pan, March 2015 (the magazine of the British Flute Society):  

"This book of 11 duets, some of which are suitable for piccolos and alto flutes, contains a wide variety of styles including baroque, Latin-American, swing and even traditional Native American. The title refers to the fact that the two parts are equally important, intertwining beautifully with some of the rhythmical interchange between them being quite complex. For example no. 3 features 6/8 against 3/4, so that although nominally they are for players of Grade 4 standard up, they are challenging to get exactly right and would take practice. For more advanced students they would make excellent sight-reading tests."