Symondsbury Farewell for Flute and Piano by Zoë Booth


Symondsbury Farewell was originally written as a flute choir piece; now just two players can have the tune all to themselves! The catchy folk-like melody is richly harmonised, with both flute and piano sharing the melodies and counter-melodies as the piece develops towards its’ heart-warming ending.

4 mins approx

Elementary to intermediate



Score and separate flute part


Reviewed by Maggie, adult learner London

"I performed this beautiful, lyrical piece at a small concert in August 2015. It is a lovely piece, starting with a short flute solo, with the opening theme then picked up as a solo for the piano. The piece gives the opportunity for both musicians to play a range of dynamics – from pp to ff – and has changes of tempo, which all help to allow both musicians to play expressively and to keep the audience’s attention.

The pianist and I both really enjoyed playing it – and as someone in the audience said later ‘your duet was beautiful’. Whether you are playing for yourself or to an audience, it will be sure to please."