Warm-Ups for Flute Players - Improve Your Playing with Exercises by Zoë Booth


'Warm-Ups for Flute Players; Improve Your Playing with Exercises by Zoë Booth,' is a book of exercises developed and created to help you practise and improve your flute playing.

Compiling the author’s exercises into a comprehensive 'method' for continual self-improvement, ‘Improve Your Flute Playing’ features twelve chapters of musical exercises, as well as written instructions and lots of hints and tips.  There are clear explanations to help you practice, whether you have lots of time or just a few minutes in a day, providing ideas to intensively address developing your flute-playing techniques.

Improve Your Flute Playing’ can be used by individuals with any level of experience.



Warm-Ups for Flute Players has twelve chapters:

1. Morning Calibrations - finding your sound centre

2. Sound Exercises and Breathing - improve the quality of your sound

3. Projecting and Enriching - create a more professional sound for performance

4. Tone Colours - use different 'voices' to enhance your musical ideas

5. Fast Fingers - exercise those fingers for added precision and speed

6. Tonguing and Articulation - start your notes cleanly and use different attacks

7. Vibrato - add a shimmer to your sound

8. Rhythmic Exercises - tips on playing with accuracy

9. Memorising - exercise for the brain

10. Improvising - create your own musical moments

11. Practice Well and Express Yourself - musicality in your day-to-day playing

12. Performing - prepare for a performance and beat those nerves!


Review by Chris Hankin, player, teacher and eduator

"This is an interesting book. Subtitled "Improve Your Playing", it covers all the basic technical requirements needed to play the flute successfully. There are 12 chapters in all, starting with 'Morning Calibrations - finding your sound centre' and finishing with 'Performing - prepare for performance, and beat those nerves!'. Sound, fingers, articulation, tone colour, vibrato and breathing are commonly covered in most books of this ilk but sections such as 'Projecting and Enriching - create a more professional sound for performance' give this one an extra dimension. There is a 30 minute warm-up plan for general improvement and a 10 minute plan for fitting in practice 'on the go'."

Review by Jan, adult player

"Although I have been playing for many years I hadn’t really bothered with warm up exercises but now find them easy to do, and worthwhile towards better practice. I also find your advice with colour and tone valuable and the tips on sight reading are excellent, especially the use of words to help with timings. Thanks for such a useful book."

Review by Jackie, adult player

"Thank you.  It’s brilliant!  Looking forward to my practice session tomorrow."

Review by Janet, flute player

"I really love the 'prescriptions’ for 30 minute and 10 minute warm ups; it's easy to work out which exercises to do with limited time."